What to Know About Microchipping Your Pet

What is a Microchip Dog or Cat Service?

Your veterinarian in Elk River, MN, can easily, safely, and humanely insert a tiny microchip into your dog or cat. It will serve as a way for a specialized scanner to identify your microchip dog or cat in the event they’re lost or need access to a microchip-enabled location.

At Barrington Oaks, we trust the HomeAgain Pet National Pet Recovery Network and Microchipping technology. They offer 24-hour protection for our furry patients and peace of mind for the pet parents we serve.

Why Microchip Your Pet?

In the US alone, roughly 10 million pets are lost. Some will be found after multiple family members spend hours searching the neighborhood. But many end up in shelters where the pet parent never finds them. According to an ASPCA study, back in 2012, only around two percent of pets who ended up in shelters were found by their guardian. But this is changing thanks to the microchip for dogs and cats.
Once placed, microchips in dogs or cats are there forever and will help someone who finds your pet return them to you promptly.

Microchipping Services in Elk River, MN

Microchips don’t just help the pet guardian reunite with a lost dog or cat. They also help shelters avoid overcrowding that could lead to less than ideal housing accommodation for your pet and others who end up there.
In addition to helping pet parents find their lost friends, specialized microchips can serve other purposes day to day, like activating a microchip-enabled pet door or feeder that will otherwise remain secure from intrusion by other animals or children.

How Does Microchipping Dogs and Cats Work?

We safely implant the tiny microchip between the shoulder blades of your pet using a special syringe. We can perform this simple, same-day procedure during your routine veterinary visit or by special appointment for the procedure.

Once implanted, that microchip ID is permanently registered with the HomeAgain National Pet Recovery Network. The chip will include your current name and contact information, which you can update at any time on their website.

Anyone who finds a lost pet can simply take the furry companion to the nearest vet or shelter to have the chip read by a microchip scanner.

You can also notify the national network of the last known location of your pet by creating a digital lost pet poster. This launches HomeAgain’s robust lost Pet Alert System that will notify the local shelters, veterinarians, and other professionals in the network to be on the lookout for your pet.

Microchipping is an affordable and responsible decision every pet parent should consider. To learn more about microchipping dogs and cats, contact us to learn more about this service and schedule your appointment.