We’d love to hear how we can improve the experience at Barrington Oaks Veterinary Hospital. Please take a few moments to complete the survey below. Please indicate whether you agree or disagree with the following statements.


The exterior of the practice is well kept and inviting.
The interior of the practice is clean, organized, comfortable, and has a good fragrance.
The appearance of our healthcare team was professional and clean.

Client Care

The greeting you received when you last called our clinic was friendly and professional.
The waiting time while on - hold was acceptable.
The time between leaving a message and receiving a return call was satisfactory.
The availability of an appointment with my preferred doctor was adequate.
The greeting you and your pet received upon check - in was friendly and courteous.
The amount of time you waited in the reception area was appropriate considering appointment time and arrival time.
The amount of time you waited in the exam room was acceptable.
The check - out process was convenient and timely.
The invoice you received was accurate.

Patient Care

The healthcare team treated your pet with care and compassion.
The attention given to your pet's past history was adequate.
The doctor's examination of your pet was thorough.
The doctor's medical explanation of your pet's condition and health recommendations was clear.
The healthcare team made sure all your questions were answered.

Overall Rating

The overall experience at our clinic was satisfactory.
The quality of service and care given to your pet in relation to the associated cost was a good value.
I w ill recommend this clinic to friends and family.
I will continue to bring my pet to this clinic.
Was there a specific doctor or staff member that you feel provided service that went above and beyond?